“This is how to dance the tango! Feel the blood rise to your face with every beat; While an arm winds like a snake around a waist that is about to break. This is how to dance the tango!”

Words by Elizardo Martinez Vilas

The Tango Story

In the eighteenth century, elements of the tango were born in Spain from a dance called the contradanza. In the early 1800's, the contradanza was later introduced into Cuba where it became the habañera. The habañera made its way to Buenos Aires where the Argentine milonga dance had risen to popularity. In the Buenos Aires brothels, the milonga dance was mixed with flavors of the habañera and the Tango was born.

The tango dance was flavored by ingredients of dance from Spain, Cuba and South America. At Tango Restaurant we use the history of the tango as a guide for our latin infused food and drink. Taste our Spanish tapas, Cuban mojitos or South American ceviche and enjoy!

Executive Chef
Kelvin Morales

Born in Nicaragua, Latin food has always been central to Kelvin's experience. He grew up in Wisconsin and moved to California to pursue a career in Computer Science. While in school, he took a side job as a dishwasher at Disneyland. One day he was asked to help the sous chef make a special staff dinner. As they set upon the task of cooking a meal for the entire crew, something clicked in Kelvin. That bowl of potato leek soup changed his life: he moved to Los Angeles to become a chef.

His natural talent led him to the Wilshire Restaurant in Santa Monica where he trained under chefs Andrew Kirschner and Nyesha Arrington. He honed his skill in modern and traditional Spanish cuisine in José Andrés' kitchen at world-renowned Beverly Hills' restaurant The Bazaar.

Kelvin moved to Seattle in 2012 to be a part of the culinary renaissance of Seattle's food scene as it grows and develops. He joined the Tango and Rumba team as sous chef in June of 2013 and has now taken over the house. We are thrilled to have him leading our team and are excited to see the fresh new dishes he creates!